Research centers and contacts

Clinical Research Sherbrooke includes the clinical trials of four clinical research centers in Sherbrooke :

DIEX Recherche

DIEX Research offers a wide array of clinical studies in a personalized and safe environment.  Their approach is oriented towards their participants, who enjoy a thorough follow-up with an experienced team, and who have access to a nurse through an emergency telephone service available 24/7.  The emphasis they put on respecting their participants’ rights and well-being was instrumental in DIEX Research’s becoming, on December 6, 2011, the first Canadian research site to obtain full accreditation from the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP), in recognition of their constant commitment towards the community.  By combining the participants’ welfare with professionalism, service quality, strict enforcement of good clinical practice, and honest communications, DIEX Research intends to maintain its position as leader of medical research in the Eastern Townships.

731 Galt West street, suite #120, Sherbrooke, QC J1H 1Z1
(819) 346-2887

Q & T Research

Q & T Research is a Sherbrooke-based center specialized in clinical research for nearly 20 years. A highly experienced medical team made of 4 physicians, 3 medical specialists, 1 pharmacist, 8 nurses, 1 nutritionist and 1 lab technician is working to the development of various drugs and vaccines for a common purpose of improving health through the advancement of pharmacology. Their work is strictly guided by rigor, respect and transparency. Protection and wellness of the participant remain a priority. Q&T Research has innovated with health capsules on the radio and health newsletters sent to subscribers. Recognized as a leader in its field, the group won several awards that attest to his professionalism and undeniable expertise. Q&T Research is proud to have contributed to the development of more than 20 drugs and vaccines now available to the general public. Indeed, these new drugs and vaccine help daily millions of people to improve their health.

2185 King Ouest, Suite 101, Sherbrooke, QC J1J 2G2
(819) 562-0777 

Research Centre on Aging

For nearly 25 years, researchers at the Research Centre on Aging (CDRV) have been doing innovative work in many fields of knowledge to promote elder independence. The centre has become part of Quebec's health-care system (HSSC–UIGS) and is affiliated with the Université de Sherbrooke as a research institute. Firmly established in the Eastern Townships community, our 45 researchers are involved in a number of health research projects, most often taking an interdisciplinary approach. In particular, the centre is developing expertise in biopharmaceutical, clinical, and basic research.

1036, Belvedere street, Sherbrooke, Québec  J1H 4C4
(819) 829-7131 

Le Centre de recherche du CHUS

At the forefront of current major health concerns, researchers and clinicians from the Centre de recherche du CHUS (CRCHUS) have been combining their knowledge and expertise for over 30 years. The CRCHUS, one of the largest research centres in the province of Quebec, benefits from a location conducive to clinical research, being integrated into the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke (CHUS). This enables projects to be carried out in the medical fields covered by the CHUS and provides accessibility to the hospital’s infrastructure and services, ensuring a safe environment with cutting-edge technology. The Centre has nearly 70 highly skilled employees who apply rigorous medical practices and a strict regulatory framework. With the goal of improving health and providing better care, they are working on projects that will have an impact on people ranging from the unborn to the elderly.

3001, 12e avenue Nord, Sherbrooke, QC J1H 5N4
(819) 346-1110 poste 12831

DIEX Recherche Q et T Recherche
Centre de recherche sur le vieillissement Le Centre de recherche clinique Étienne – Le Bel du CHUS