The Eastern Townships

The Eastern Townships
Photo credit : Destination Sherbrooke

Located within the Québec-Ontario Life Sciences Corridor, the region has positioned itself favourably in this bubbling sector, both provincially and internationally. As a matter of fact, the Estrie region’s Biotech cluster of excellence has been recognized in June 2010 under the ACCORD program of the Government of Québec.

What makes this region the perfect choice for health-related businesses and research is its scientific park. It hosts, among others, a university hospital, a clinical research center, a Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, a pharmacology institute, as well as private businesses in the field.

This concentration of major players in Life Sciences offers a significant advantage in the fact that clinical research projects can easily be lead from phases 1 to 4, on infants as much as the elderly, and in all therapeutic areas. All aspects are thus present in the Eastern Towships region to foster research and, as a more general objective, the development of all Life Sciences!

The region also boasts numerous pieces of equipment that are unique in the Province of Québec, and for some even in Canada, like 2 cyclotrons, gamma knives, Positron Emission Tomography (PET), interventional angiography, and neuro-oncology.


Largely due to its numerous universities and college training programs in Life Sciences, the Eastern Townships region is home to a considerable pool of qualified workers, both for companies and research centers. The region is also recognized for its low turnover rate, a clear advantage for businesses wishing to invest in employee training.


Prioritizing dynamism and creativity is the regional objective, which is accomplished by putting forward an innovation- and interdisciplinary-sensitive research culture, giving visibility to the breadth of its competencies.