Recruitment capabilities



DIEX Research offers clinical studies that are intended for everyone, aged 0 to 99 years!  Our strength resides in studies designed for patients, however we have developed an expertise in Phase I and healthy volunteers studies.  We are renowned for the seriousness and realism with which we evaluate our recruitment objectives for every study.  To fulfill our commitments with regard to recruitment, we rely on our extensive network of referring physicians, our database, our involvement in various patient groups and advertisements in local media.  Our reputation remains our greatest asset, together with the pride of our participants, who are sensitive to our involvement in the community, and to the numerous excellence awards which we have won over the years.


Q&T Research carefully evaluates each proposed project based on parameters such as participant access, resources availability, work schedules and of course the project's consistency with the current medical standards of practice. Several therapeutic areas are accessible to the patient and Q&T Research also developed a unique expertise in vaccine with healthy participant with plasmapheresis facilities and laboratory capability of cell mediated immunology (CMI) commonly used as immunological marker in Phase II vaccine trials.

Research Centre on Aging

The Research Centre on Aging is able to conduct several biopharmaceutical research projects concurrently in its facilities. The centre's integration into the Health and Social Services Centre and the University Institute of Geriatrics of Sherbrooke (HSSC-UIGS) has, in fact, created fertile ground for reaching the elderly population and conducting projects on health issues related to aging.

Le Centre de recherche du CHUS

The Ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux created integrated university health networks (Réseaux universitaires intégrés de santé or RUIS) in 2003. Each network is headed by a medical school and a university hospital. The total population covered by the Sherbrooke RUIS represents 13.5% of the population of the province of Quebec, covering the Eastern Townships, a part of Montérégie and Centre-du-Québec. The CHUS is responsible for developing service corridors for the highly specialized care provided by the Sherbrooke RUIS. The CRCHUS, which is integrated into the CHUS, can count on a pool of people whose treatment is generally limited to a few hospital institutions or medical clinics. This serves as an important advantage in the recruitment and monitoring of clinical trial participants as opposed to the situation of major urban centres where the population frequents a much greater number of institutions. The facilities of the CRCHUS, next to the CHUS and the University of Sherbrooke’s Faculty of Medicine, also enable it to carry out multiple biopharmaceutical projects simultaneously.